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DooFinder Integration

 Take advantage of Doofinder’s advanced AI search. Deliver relevant search results and optimize your customers’ shopping experience while increasing your sales. 

With DooFinder on your Make Ready Armz website you will have access to valuable information to better understand your business needs, customer wants and increase conversion. Unleash the hidden potential of your eCommerce. To learn more, click below.


Search learns from user behavior


No Code Setup

2nd Amendment Wholesale Website Integration

This is an example of DooFinders search. To see a video of the search in action click below.

See DooFinder In Action

Below is a link to view a video example of DooFinder in action on one of our customers websites. It showcases many of the features DooFinder offers.

Sign Up For A 30 Day Free Trial of DooFinder

Below is a link to sign up for a 30 day free trial of DooFinder. With no initial payments or obligations. If you don’t see results, cancel anytime.