Make Ready Connect

Everyone wants to connect to the top distributors in the industry, but only Make Ready Armz has gone through the process to do it the correct way. The result gives our customers the best product data for your custom eCommerce website. 

Our brand new platform allows you to choose which vendors to integrate with, choose from hundreds of thousands of their products to represent on your store with your own mark up, as well as updates the products inventory and cost data individually per vendor every half hour to an hour. You even have the ability to edit any of the product information from the default data provided. All without leaving your website. 

Top 2a Distributors

Integrating dropshipping from top distributors like RSR, Zanders, Lipseys, Chattanooga, and others offers a plethora of benefits for a firearms eCommerce business, creating a robust framework for success in a highly competitive market. Primarily, these distributors are renowned for their extensive inventory, providing access to a wide array of firearms and related products. This diversity allows an eCommerce business to offer a vast selection without the need for substantial inventory investments. Another significant advantage is the elimination of inventory risks. Since products are shipped directly from the distributor to the customer, the business doesn’t have to purchase and store inventory. This model minimizes the risks associated with overstocking or obsolescence.

Which Products Fit you?

Choose from hundreds of thousands of distributor products to bring onto your website. You have the freedom to choose products individually or in bulk with the option to filter by several criteria such as category, manufacturer, in stock, has MAP, and more. 

 As each product is chosen it will be pulled from every vendors catalog you’re integrated with in a single action. Meaning if you are integrated with 4 vendors and choose a Surefire flashlight from one that they all stock, it will pull it from all 4 catalogs at once and build it into a single product. 

Your Own Info Center

Tire of having to go to each distributors website to see what is in stock and for how much? Never again!

With our new system, each products inventory and cost is broken down for every distributors you’re integrated with. This means you only need to go to your own website for all your most important information.

The inventory and cost information is checked and updated every 30 minutes to an hour.