While digital marketing has completely changed the way businesses grow some industries don’t benefit as much. SEO allows most businesses to grow a large market just through clever use of their own content and search trends, but the same doesn’t always apply to the firearms industry. 

For various reasons while firearm sales are relatively free the same can’t be said for it’s marketing. There are some general guidelines set by the government but this time it’s the large websites themselves that have decided to limit the way firearms businesses can market themselves. So today we’ll take a look at some of these issues as we try to answer how to best make use of SEO for firearms companies.

Some restrictions you need to keep in mind.

It’s important to keep in mind that while many companies will say that SEO isn’t possible for gun shops or similar companies this isn’t actually accurate. The core of SEO is simply put to rank higher on search engines through quality content and keyword optimization. In short a lot of it comes down to writing, and writing about guns is legal. The real issue that arises when it comes to SEO for firearms companies really lies on the specific policies of each website, and this is what most SEO companies bring up to their clients.

Major sites like Facebook directly prohibit any form of advertisement directed to firearm sales, and the situation is more or less the same for Instagram and most of the big marketing platforms. As such one of the biggest venues for SEO is automatically discarded, and this unique situation is what makes it harder for firearm businesses to advertise through SEO.

However as we said before, it might be harder but it’s not impossible. There are still other venues that allow SEO marketing for firearms and there’s more than enough reason to consider it. So let’s take a closer look at why you should still push for SEO despite the initial difficulties.

Is SEO still worth it?

The fact that firearm marketing is rather heavily restricted only makes the role of SEO even more important when it comes to the firearm industry. After all proper online marketing can mean the difference between being the number one online result in your are or just another of the 65,000 licensed gun shops in America.

One of the greatest advantages of SEO is how it’s both organic and smart. With traditional marketing you always have the risk of playing ads to an audience that isn’t interested in your services. But the way SEO works you get visits from people who are searching for specific keyword related to your business. This means that every visitor is one that is interested and this can increase sales and profits at a very fast pace.

On top of that local SEO is another great feature that allows businesses to connect with customers near them. See one neat thing about Google is that it takes into consideration both your location and that of your clients. This is so they can give their users relevant search results that are near to them. And this means that a good SEO rank will ensure your business is always high on the results for local and interested clients. 

SEO for firearms companies firmly stands as the most reliable way to market in the firearms industry. And all of this is precisely because it doesn’t need to rely on traditional and limited advertisements. SEO give your store and edge against the competition and ensures the traffic you get is from legitimately interested parties. This push can easily make up for the lack of traditional ads in your business and once a firm SEO ranking is established you’ll immediately stand above the competition.

SEO is always worth your time, the question now is how to best get ready to implement it.

Find a new way to use SEO with Make Ready Armz.

The restrictions around firearm marketing have made sure that alternative platforms for the sale and distribution of guns are more important than ever, and amongst these Make Ready Armz stands out above the competition. Make Ready Armz is a platform for gun merchants to launch their own e-commerce platform. What this means is that it allows any store to launch an online version of itself, and comes with a wide variety of features to help distributors.

Of course one of the main advantages for anybody relying on Make Ready Armz to handle their online business is the SEO compatibility. Most platforms and marketplaces steer clear from SEO for firearms companies given all that we’ve mentioned. But Make Ready Armz is one of the few platforms that allows customers to rely on SEO to increase their audience. So you get all the infrastructure advantages of a large-scale platform as well as the opportunity to grow your business beyond that. All while making part of a firearm network with countless distributors and clients interested in your stock.

On top of the huge boon that SEO offers Make Ready Armz counts with many other features that make it a great option for anybody looking to make their business more digital. Make Ready Armz offers all stores on their network live update capabilities, something seldom seen in the industry. This allows to not only keep better track of stock, but also ensures that more sales can be finalized and grants better support on real time.

SEO is undoubtedly the best way to market firearms in the modern day market. And thanks to Make Ready Armz not only you get access to an specialised platform that lets you handle your own SEO and grow your business. But you also have the option to join a wide network that is full of distributors and clients that can take your business to the next levels. SEO marketing is always the right choice, and when it comes to the firearm industry Make Ready Armz is your best option to take advantage of it.