Online firearm retail outlets are becoming an increasingly popular option for customers and retailers alike. In fact, an industry that had hitherto been almost totally confined to brick-and-mortar stores is now dominating the eCommerce world. The annual firearms industry in the U.S. is now worth well above $12 billion, and it is only getting bigger.  

That’s a lot of money! Online firearms and accessories purchases became a popular trend during the pandemic as people whiled away their time buying things during the extended lockdown periods. 

Once they became used to the convenience of gun-friendly eCommerce there was no going back. However, not every credit card service provider works for online firearms sales. The same goes for firearms-friendly online merchant accounts as well. 

Add to that the slew of regulations and restrictions at the state and federal levels, and we can see why it’s a high-risk industry as a whole. However, online firearms eCommerce sites are also extremely profitable ventures and—provided you know how to handle the risks—well worth the effort. 

Online Firearms Sales and Their Acceptance in the Ecommerce Community

The issue is that many, if not most, of the big names in the eCommerce world don’t allow firearms sales altogether. Those that do so put so many restrictions that it doesn’t seem worth the effort to go into business because of their rigid guidelines. 

Shopify, for example, does allow online merchants to retail firearms-related items. However, you can’t sell hi-cap magazines and several other products that can be sold over the counter in a brick-and-mortar store. Such restrictions lead to lower sales and revenue and make the business venture less liable to succeed.  

That’s why retailing guns on some of the big name eCommerce platforms can lead to dwindling sales, rather than the other way around. These restrictions are in addition to the ones that don’t allow you to ship the weapon to anyone other than an authorized FFL dealer. 

Credit Card Risks 

Finally, there are the inherent risks of credit card fraud when using an obscure eCommerce platform. In other words, if your platform is not secure enough, hackers might gain access to sensitive customer credit card data and other personal information. 

Website Creation Issues

Add to that the fact that it’s not eCommerce platforms alone that make life more difficult for online purveyors of guns and accessories. 

In fact, even creating a dedicated firearms-related website for your eCommerce store can become a really challenging process. WordPress, for instance, prohibits its users from trying to promote firearms and other weapons. They follow an equally hard line for accessories, parts, and ammunition.

The One Solution to All Your Problems! 

An online, gun-friendly eCommerce platform is the best solution to all the above problems. Such a platform would allow you to create a scalable and attractive gun store. It will also provide eCommerce services in a safe and secure environment. Make Ready Arms has all these qualities, and it’s just what you need to get your gun-friendly eCommerce outlet up and running!