Firearms, shooting, and hunting brands have realized that a really strong e-commerce presence is absolutely critical when it comes to conducting business in the near future. This has a lot to do with the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed consumer buying habits more or less permanently. 

As retail outlets have closed down due to the disruption in supply changes and buying habits, many large hunting and firearms brands have started bypassing the usual distribution and dealer chains. Instead, they are going straight to the customer. Yes, the age-old manufacturer/dealer relationship is still as important to brands as it ever was before. However, the paradigm shift means that consumer trends can only be ignored at a brand’s peril. This is why net-savvy firearms companies are now shifting to online business models.

This has a lot to do with the fact that 4G and 5G technologies coupled with e-banking facilities and smartphones have enabled people in ways never seen before. Now, it is possible to order almost anything with the casual swipe of a finger. 

It doesn’t matter if you are a firearms maker or a gun shop owner. If you want to be part of this revolution, it is time for you to go online as well, with the help of a gun friendly website builder. 

A website builder is basically a tool or program that can create a safe, secure, and firearms-friendly site. This builder should be simple, yet powerful and versatile enough to be used by shooting sports equipment retailers, federal firearms license owning merchants, and other shooting community members alike. Let us check some of the more important qualities of such a builder:

Ease of doing Business

You should be able to utilize the builder to start your very own e-commerce marketplace. The perfect gun friendly website builder can process transactions and even help you connect to the leading distributors of the industry. It should be user-friendly and shouldn’t require extensive knowledge of coding and other technical skills.

Don’t Use Builders with Restricted Functionality

If you were to use a cheap gun friendly website builder created by fly-by-night-amateurs, you might end up with a severely restricted site structure. Many builders only allow a limited number of pages and options per page. They also have very few E-commerce options. The builder you choose should not limit your horizons. In a nutshell, you should be able to stock your e-store the way you want, not how the builder allows.

Template Quality

The first impression is the last one in almost every business. If your templates are visually appealing to your target audience, they will stay on your site. At least long enough to enter the web marketing tunnel.

Customer Support

Customer support is imperative to create brand loyalty. You should have the relevant forms for customer support, complaints, and feedback so that you would be able to revert as soon as possible.

It Should Be Fully Customizable

Conventional templates can be dull and boring. You should use a builder that allows you to customize the site as per your personal likes and branding imagery. Your brand theme should be paramount, and it should run throughout the page.

The ideal gun friendly website builder should have all of the above features. It should be able to attract customers in its own right so that once they hit the page, they don’t leave without making a purchase!