A sales discount is a great way of ensuring your cash register keeps ringing continuously. At the same time, it will enable you to increase your brand’s popularity and attract new customers. Finally, you can also use your discount campaign to get in touch with old customers who have not purchased anything for some time. 

Sales discounts are particularly important for an online firearms and accessories store due to the fiercely competitive nature of the industry. However, ‘there can be too much of a good thing.’ Perpetual discounts tend to lose their charm if the technique is overused. Let us see what would be the best time to run a discount on your store:

Hunting Season

Hunting season always ushers in the best deals for most gun stores, both online and offline. However, this is also the time when heavy sales lead to sharp reductions in inventory. If the inventories are low while demand is high, a price increase is inevitable. This is where you can undercut the market by offering certain products well below market rates, for very short periods.

You can, for example, offer the latest SxS shotgun for upland game at below market price for 48 hours. Once that deal is gone, you can come up with a similar deal for the next 48 hours to keep the momentum going. A well-placed timer counting out the hours both before and during the discount period would also instill an element of urgency in your campaign.

Demographic Sales

You can also opt for a specific demographic for your discount campaign. Spring break would be a good time to offer a substantial discount for college students. You may also consider offering discounts for light-caliber home defense handguns for senior citizens. Just check the demographics of your target audience, and see which segment would be ideal for your discount-related promotions.

New Customer Onboarding Discounts

Attracting a new customer who would be permanently loyal to your brand is very important for just about every business. You might consider giving such customers a discount voucher valid for their first purchase. After they make that initial purchase, you may offer them another voucher for their second purchase. Once they start buying on a regular basis, you can offer similar discounts or free gifts to go with their purchases. In time, you will become the number one choice for all of their online firearms-related needs.

However, for every discount campaign, you have to ensure that the prices are actually lower than the rest of the market. Many online retailers quietly increase prices than lower them to show they are available on a ‘discount.’

Customers are smart enough to see through such gimmicks. These techniques can permanently harm your brand since a potential customer would simply check the price on other stores prior to making a purchase decision.

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